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During the brunch we will have a discussion on “A Healthy Approach to Hearing Loss.” Expert Anna Cohen, HAS, RN, will share information on hearing loss and the latest advancements in hearing technology. Please join us for a delicious brunch and an informative conversation. Call (904) 347-2987 or click here for a reservation today!

If you can’t attend the brunch, or you prefer a private consultation with Ms. Cohen, she will be holding individual consults Wednesday, May 20th & Thursday, May 21st from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Your private consultation will include these services Free of Charge:

  1. FREE Hearing Consultation. It’s important to have your hearing checked every year, as your hearing can change from year to year.
  2. FREE Video Otoscope Exam. You will view your ear canal on a color TV screen with the use of our video otoscope. Wax may be impeding your ability to hear better.
  3. FREE Clean & Check of your hearing aids. Many people report that their hearing instruments sound “clearer” after this treatment. It can also prolong the life of the instrument.
  4. FREE Demonstration of the brand NEW 100% Digital Wireless hearing instrument. This fantastic new technology sends the TV, radio or cell phone signal directly to your hearing aids. Like all of our hearing
    instruments, it is designed to improve speech understanding in all situations, enhance phone conversations, and includes FREE Lifetime Service! During this 2-Day event, Audibel A3 digital wireless technology is 35% OFF Suggested Retail Price!

Call (904) 347-2987 or click here today to reserve your spot at the FREE Brunch on May 19th or to schedule your private consultation on May 20th or 21st!!

We are only offering this invitation to our friends, neighbors and patients — You! Appointments are available on a first come, first serve basis and there is no cost for these services.

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Customer Reviews

Have not been very happy with the service that my father has received in the past. I honestly felt that because he was so desperate to hear that he was taken advantage of. This time was NOT the case. I feel very satisfied with the new devices my father got...

Robin Wilson, on Google

It was a nice appointment. On time, curious, knowledgeable and informative.

Kathleen Corey, on Google

From the minute we entered the door until we stepped out the door, the staff was friendly, compassionate, concise, and very reassuring! I am SO glad that our insurance led us to this place! Highly recommended!

renee hall, on Google

This outfit first set me up with rechargeable hearing aids about 2 years ago. They have been a superpower, as far as I am concerned, I wear them every day and love them. Left one started acting up a few weeks back, I went in today, they replaced some of...

Clay Jlake, on Google

I just moved to the area when the microphone in my hearing aid broke and was dangling on a wire. It couldn’t be used. I called my new local Audibel center and got an appointment right away. My hearing aid had a new microphone in it in about 2 minutes....

Linda Bougas, on Google

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