Can your hearing aids track how many steps you’ve taken?  Can they tell you how many hours you’ve used them or how well you’ve engaged in communication?

This is now possible with the new Livio AI and Thrive Hearing app. Now, you can easily manage aspects of your wellness with the simple press of a button.

Livio AI hearing aids are the first to integrate 3D motion sensors, which can track your activity, steps and overall movement (like a FitBit). Based on this information, the Thrive app provides wearers with an overall Body Score. A daily score of 100 points is possible. Because these devices are in your ear and not around your wrist, they are more accurate than any other fitness tracker on the market.

Livio AI’s sensors also measure elements of your cognitive health, which it communicates to you via the Thrive app. Thrive tracks the brain health benefits of wearing hearing aids, measuring hours of use, social engagement and time spent actively listening.  These elements comprise the Brain Score, which also has a maximum of 100 daily points.

When the Body Score and Brain Score are combined, users receive the Thrive Total Wellness Score (200 points possible). With this score, you can set goals and track your progress to achieving optimal cognitive and physical health — which helps ensure you live life to the fullest!

Your health is in the palm of your hand.

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