I just moved to the area when the microphone in my hearing aid broke and was dangling on a wire. It couldn’t be used. I called my new local Audibel center and got an appointment right away. My hearing aid had a new microphone in it in about 2 minutes. It was good as new. It was such a nice experience to have such professionals care about their customer. I highly recommend Audibel in St. Augustine, Fl.
Linda Bougas, on Google
This outfit first set me up with rechargeable hearing aids about 2 years ago. They have been a superpower, as far as I am concerned, I wear them every day and love them. Left one started acting up a few weeks back, I went in today, they replaced some of the lines that go from hearing aid to the piece in your ear, boom I'm fixed and back on my way for a few bucks. I can't say enough about these good folks. No, my choice was not the cheaper or cheapest solution, but I've never been sorry to not buy or change a single battery in two years running. Go see them for your hearing needs, get real help from pros. Mostly, go hear again, be super.
Clay Jlake, on Google
From the minute we entered the door until we stepped out the door, the staff was friendly, compassionate, concise, and very reassuring! I am SO glad that our insurance led us to this place! Highly recommended!
renee hall, on Google
It was a nice appointment. On time, curious, knowledgeable and informative.
Kathleen Corey, on Google
Have not been very happy with the service that my father has received in the past. I honestly felt that because he was so desperate to hear that he was taken advantage of. This time was NOT the case. I feel very satisfied with the new devices my father got and am convinced that his best interest was taken into account. Thank you for taking great care with him and your patience is remarkable. Both dad and I are very happy.
Robin Wilson, on Google

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