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Everything we do is designed around your need for individual care and attention.

  • Free hearing evaluation!
  • Complete Audiometric Examinations: including Video-otoscopy, Tympanography, and certified sound booth testing.
  • Free demonstration of the latest in hearing aid technology!
  • Free Consultation!
  • Repairs available on most hearing aid make and models!
  • Complimentary clean and check of any hearing aid upon first visit!
  • Battery Programs available; stop by to find out about our lifetime battery program.
  • Newest hearing aid technology available in the following styles:
  • Custom Fit products including: CIC (Completely-in-Canal), ITC (In-the-Canal), ITE (In-the-Ear), IIC (Invisible-in-Canal)
  • Open Fit products, including: RIC (Receiver-in-Canal), mini-RIC (Receiver-in-Canal), BTE (Behind the ear)
  • Wireless solutions for bluetooth and media streaming! (including cell phone connections)

Customer Reviews

From the opening consultation to my follow up visits, US Hearing Aid Centers has exceeded my expectations for both the quality of their product and the professional customer service! Ms. Humphrey, the Hearing Aid Specialist, has been very thorough, informative, and attentive in responding to my questions and customizing my...

TONY TRIPI, on Google

Excellent experience, that I have looked forward to, and received for at least the 10 past years. Keep up the good work. I always look forward to seeing you again.

Russell J. McNally, on Google

Glenn Olsen, on Google

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